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With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Cliff Landscaping Company is the locally-owned and operated lawn care and maintenance company that is here to meet your property’s needs. If you are based in the area of Burlington, NC and you can’t wait to show your landscape some love, hire me and I will take care of its look.

Lawn Treatment Service

Lawn Treatment Service

Lawn Care

In my areas of specialty, lawn care is the one I am most experienced at and I have mastered a variety of techniques associated with it. By working on a variety of properties, I have learned how to tackle each project and its unique requirements by always keeping up with the schedule.

Lawn Maintenace

Once I help you identify the right lawn care for you and, its time to leave Cliff Landscaping Company maintain it the way you want. No matter if you are a commercial or residential property owner, the grass around your building will always be neatly trimmed and kept well-manicured.

Shrub Trimming

I also specialize in trimming small to medium decorative shrubs. This service is designed to improve your curb appeal and prevent the overgrowth of your bushes. When you want your outdoor area to look fantastic and tidy, start with the shrubs.

Seasonal Cleanups

Investing in a good seasonal cleanup for your home or business in Burlington, NC is great for a few reasons. Your yard might have ended up accumulating different debris and trash that could be ruining your curb appeal. In addition to that, at the start of colder and warmer months, it’s good to prepare the plants on your landscape for the change in temperature. Seasonal yard care ensures that they will be ready for this change.

Leaf Blowing

I can remove leaves, twigs and other junk from your concrete patio and pavements so that the curb appeal you’ve always dreamed of is easily achieved. In a short matter of time, you will have a clear outdoor area and landscape that others will envy.

Now that you know more about each of my services, you can request a free estimate or book one of them by calling (336) 571-9363 today!

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