Questions I Am Often Asked

Having a lush and manicured lawn is a feature that every homeowner dreams of having. So if you are staring at a brown and shriveled-up lawn, consider hiring a complete lawn care service. Just be sure to research the services in the area thoroughly before you part with any of your hard-earned cash. But, seeing as you are already on this questions-and-answers article, as provided by Cliff Landscaping Company, why not take the opportunity to read some of the answers to questions I get, and find out why my clients choose my services over the competition?

Why hire your company?

I have been providing the residents of Burlington, NC with an affordable grass cutting service at reasonable prices since 2019. I have a decade of fieldwork under my belt and know everything there is when it comes to landscaping. I use only the finest equipment, tools, products, and materials in all my work and have forged a rock-solid reputation for being reliable, honest, and attentive to details within the community.

How is payment taken?

I will take MasterCard, cash, American Express, PayPal, Discover, checks, Visa, or most debit cards.

Do you only work with the residents of Burlington, NC?

No. I also offer services to the following areas:

  • Elon, NC

  • Greensboro, NC

  • Carrboro, NC

  • Reidsville, NC

  • Chapel Hill, NC

Call me now and ask if your area can be included within my travel radius.

Do you work with residential customers only?

No, I also take on commercial clients.

How can I help facilitate your arrival?

Other than giving me a clear path so I can bring in my tools, any materials, and equipment, and making sure that any furry friends are safely kept elsewhere, nothing.

Are you certified or insured?

I have them both. So you can rest easy when you hire my services.

What about providing discounts?

To my veteran clients, I offer a discount.

What services can you offer me?

I can offer the following list:

  • Lawn Maintenace

  • Shrub Trimming

  • Seasonal Cleanups

  • Leaf Blowing

I encourage inquiries and have included a number for you to use should you require further details on any of the services mentioned above.

What are the opening hours of Cliff Landscaping Company?

I am available 24/7.

Are appointments compulsory?

This is not something that I insist upon. But, I would prefer that my clients make one whenever possible, especially when it comes to new clients.

Are free estimates provided?

Yes, you will receive a bid for my professional lawn care and other important services. And compare it with other landscapers in the area if you want. But, my prices do reflect the standard of work that I provide, which should be considered when choosing my services.

Is there feedback?

Yes, I made sure that my website included a testimonial tab so my customers could leave their honest reviews. To verify my quality standards, click on this when you are done reading this post.

In conclusion, if you feel more confident and would like to make an appointment with an affordable lawn care service to discuss what your requirements are, or if you have further questions that weren’t covered by this post, please don’t hesitate to call me today at this number (336) 571-9363 within my working hours.

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